Light Microscopy Division

↳ Images acquired with a "1$ microscope" (2012, T. Sieprath)


In the past decade, light microscopy has evolved to become the leading tool for the structural and functional investigation of biological systems. Rapid advances in the fields of photochemistry and biotechnology have enabled innovative biological research with continuously increasing spatiotemporal resolution and throughput. The versatility of advanced light microscopy and its broad application radius in fundamental research, environmental monitoring and drug discovery make it an indispensible technology. In line with this evolution, the Dept. of Molecular Biotechnology (Ghent University) established in 2009 a facility, dedicated to advanced light microscopy, with the goal of performing high level scientific research in a multidisciplinary context.

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Featured Publication

Sustained accumulation of prelamin A and depletion of lamin A/C cause oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction but induce different cell fates.
T. Sieprath, T. Corne, M. Noteboom , C. Grootaert , A. Rajkovic , B. Buysschaert, J. Robijns, J. Broers, F. Ramaekers, W. Koopman, P. Willems and W. De Vos.
Nucleus, electronic publication ahead of print.

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Recent News

  • Open position: We are looking for a motivated student aspiring a PhD on the topic of High-throughput microscopic imaging methodologies for interrogation of neuronal networks in the context of neurodegeneration. For questions about the profile and application, please contact prof. Winnok De Vos

  • The Belgian Society for Microscopy vzw announces its 2015 Annual Meeting, which will be held in Mons at September 11th, 2015. Topic is: "When Materials meet Biology". More information on BSM2015 (posted May 18th, 2015)

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